Light of the Menorah Messianic Congregation Est. 2009

Pictured above is the Pastor and his dear wife

802 Main Street, West Springfield, MA 01085

We would love to welcome you to our Youth website! 

Menorah Light Youth is fired up for God. We meet every Sabbath (Saturday) evening at 7:00 pm at our youth director's house. All youth that is 16 and older are welcome to come and join us in biblical study and listening to his amazing scripture. For a limited time we also have Hebrew lessons for those who are interested. Remember to check our calendar and upcoming events to know what goes on in our congregation and come join us in celebration. Stay tuned by checking the blog website for updates. Subscribing to our website will also notify you of events and changes. 

~Menorah Light Youth Est. 2009~

Pictured above is a youth member studying

Pictured above are the Menorah Light Worship Angels
~Luda, Inna, Alla, Karena~