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Church cancelled Feb 11th due to snow storm

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Shalom dear friends, We apologize for the inconvenience but our morning service will be cancelled today Feb. 11th 2017 due to the snow storm and parking bans. Follow our blog for more updates or feel free to contact our pastor Alex at 413-364-1472. ~Bible study and youth service tonight will not be effected. Thank you and Shabbat Shalom!

Iron Sharpens Iron

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"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another"


This year we are so excited to invite everyone to an informal fellowship every Sunday evening. A wonderful time to be outdoors, enjoying the beauty of nature and staying fit. We will do our best to get as much movement and walking as possible. Don't worry, in case of harsh weather, we will pick a nice cafe to meet in order to stay warm and cozy.


This is a ministry for women's group and men's group. Each will meet seperately so that everyone can feel comfortable in the group. Young ones are encouraged to attend as well to add to the discussions. Each group will meet up and discuss different topics, share advice with each other, and most importantly support one another in their time of need.


Stay connected with other believers and especially those who might not know about our Messiah. Don't be afraid of asking for someone's number to check on one another and to stay connected. That is the purpose of these meetings.


Locations may vary from time to time but stay up to date by following our Messianic Congregations Unite page. If you think this is a good idea, type Amen in the comments below! This is our calling from Yahweh! Hallelu-Yah Amen!

Under the Stars

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We will be hosting our Feast of Tabernacles Camp this year! The holy days will be from October 17th-24th but the camp will only be during the weekend 21st-24th because of students going to school. Arriving on October 21st will ensure you have enough time to set up camp. Most people will be leaving on the 24th but some may stay an extra day to help clean up. We normally have quite a number of first time feast-goers so if you are new to keeping this feast or new to camping in general, we provide plenty of support. We'll have a few people available to help you set up and there will be experienced campers around to help you with any needs throughout the week. We welcome everyone as family! Many activities will center around building relationships within families, and between members of the spiritual family that is the body of Messiah. We put a lot of emphasis on family involvement! We want to see families and individuals walk away from the feast being closer to one another and closer to the body of Messiah.

In a desire to remember and better understand the "wilderness experience" of ancient Israel, we will be building Sukkot booths. The booths will be built on the first day of the camp by anyone who is willing to help. We include both children and adults in the building effort. If you have some differences of opinion on the exact feast dates, we still invite you to join us. Seeking the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, loving one another, respecting each other's walk with Yahweh is emphasized and encouraged, even if some of us may differ in areas of understanding. We know that we all are a work in progress and we are called to humility, "considering one another better than ourselves" as is written in Philippians 2:3. We also desire to be a light on a hill that cannot be hidden. Sharing Messiah's love and life while being challenged and changed, the feast is a place to get our spiritual batteries recharged so that we can face the culture with boldness, strength and conviction.

Biblically clean meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are available for a reasonable cost. For details on food costs, feel free to contact Alla.

If you cannot stay for the camp, don't worry. You can still join us every evening around 6:30 pm for Hebraic/Davidic dancing (if the weather allows us) which will be taught during the praise and worship portions of the meetings to anyone who is not familiar or is interested in learning. There will also be musical praise to Yahweh around the campfire every evening, and this is a great time to get to know each other as brothers and sisters in Yahweh. Getting believers connected to the body of Messiah and building up families & individuals is our goal. If you are interested in attending, please contact the host for registration details. You must prepay your admission (not including food) to get the guaranteed rate of $5 per night per person 10 and older. If you wait until you arrive, the price may increase. Activity sign-ups will be posted later.


We also encourage volunteers to help with preparations. We are looking for:

~Maintenance team- Help with setting up and assisting campers

~Daughters of the Light-Help manage meals and cleanup

~Children's Activities-Assistance with group activities throughout the day

~Musically inclined volunteers- If you have musical ability and want to participate during the meetings


~Watchmen on the Walls (age 20 and older)- During the night we will have 2 people praying together and watching over the camp to ensure everyone is quiet during quiet hours. In the mornings they will sound the alarm to wake campers up.

~Activity planners


If you are interested feel free to let us know.

Summer Camp

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August 26-29

$20 Registration

$20 Camp Meals


Light of the Menorah

Camping Trip

at Pittsfield State Forest Campground

August 26-28th, 2016



Important Info:


WCRF – LOTM 2016


3 day weekend camp at

Pittsfield State Forest Campground

August 26th-28th (Friday to Sunday)

Name ________________________________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________________

Phone _______________________________________________________________________________

Do you give permission to photograph you during this trip? (Circle one) YES NO

These photographs may be used for future promotional material. All photos are the property of Light of the Menorah Messianic Congregation.

Shirt Size (Circle One): S M L XL (Shirts are limited so sign up early)

Date of Birth: __________________ Gender (Circle One): Male Female



Medical Release

I hereby request and authorize the Light of the Menorah adult leaders, hospitals, licensed medical or dental providers, and their agents and employees to have access to the information contained in this form and to provide all medical or dental care, tests, treatment, and necessary transportation advisable for the health and safety of myself and/or my family. This authorization includes the authority to consent to any x-ray examinations, anesthetic, medical procedure or treatment, and hospital care under the supervision, and upon the advice of or to be rendered by, a physician or surgeon licensed under the Medical Practice Act or dentist licensed under the Dental Practice Act for myself and/ or my family.


The registration fee is $20 before August 23rd or $25 for late registration. Meals will be provided at the campsite for an additional $20 or participants can bring their own breakfast, lunch and dinners. Snacks are also highly suggested. Final payments will be due Thursday August 25th.






Light of the Menorah

Camping Trip

on Pittsfield State Forest Campground

August 26-28th, 2016



Important Info:

Make sure you bring $20 and the parental permission and Medical Release form as well as the complete registration form



Be sure to Bring the following items:

Your own eating utensils and dish, sleeping bag/Mattress, pillow, Blanket, pajamas, swim suit, toiletries, bug spray, towel, Sunscreen, flashlight, snacks/water bottle, 2 pairs of dry clothes, Rain/hiking Shoes, plastic bag, portable chair (if you have one and want to bring it), Plain White t-shirt for sports

Please pack lightly! It is only 3 days.

All items need to be packed in backpacks or Hiking bags to make it easier to pack the supplies into the cars.



Adult leaders:

Alla Maltsev- 413-205-5760

Eugene Maltsev- 413-896-9919

Alex Burlachenko- 413-364-1472

Dina Burlachenko- 413-391-0143 (home)




Dinner (6:00 pm): Grilled Hot Dogs/Grilled Kabobs, Pickles, and Veggies, Hot Tea

Alternative: Ramen noodles or Cereal

8:00 pm Prayer time



Breakfast (8:00 am): Omelets with chopped Veggies, Turkey Bacon, Toast, hot coffee/tea

Alternative: Bagels with cream cheese or Cereal

~Short Bible Service at 10:00 am~

Lunch (12:30 pm): Soup of the Day, Bread, Raw Veggies with dip

Alternative: Leftovers

Dinner (6:00 pm): Pasta of the Day, Salad, Grilled Chicken, Hot Tea

Alternative: Hotdogs, Baked potatoes, Ramen Noodles or Cereal

8:00 pm Prayer Time



Breakfast (8:00 am): Scrambled eggs, Chopped Veggies, Turkey bacon, Toast, hot coffee/tea

Alternative: Bagels with cream cheese or Cereal

Packing up tents (8:30 am)

(If we will be able to find a picnic area for lunch)

Lunch (12:30 pm): Kabobs, Baked Potatoes, Salad

Alternative: Hotdogs or Baked Potatoes

Leaving back home at 6:00 pm





Spring Youth Trip

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Youth trip to Howe Caverns in New York (2.5 Hour Drive)


Meeting at youth leader's house at 8:30 am

 Address: 44 Hendom Drive, Feeding Hills, MA 01030

 Touring from 12:00 pm- 3:00 pm


$25 for 16+years


$21 for 12-15 years


$13 for 5-11 years



  • Bring a sweater since it will be chilly inside
  • Bring Snacks and Water (optional)
  • Bring money for souvenirs or food (optional)
  • You can bring a camera but you assume all resposibilities for damage or loss


See the calendar events for map and times